Deck Railings

In most cases, deck railing is an afterthought when it comes to designing and constructing a new deck for a house or company. However, deck railing is a crucial part of any well-designed deck. It’s essential for both your safety and the functionality of your deck. It is also possible to personalize the appearance and feel of your deck by modifying the deck railing.


Deck railings’ most apparent advantage is the safety it offers, and it does so in various ways. The railing around the deck serves as a handhold, especially useful in slippery conditions. Holding on to the deck railing for support as they walk might also assist those with mobility issues to keep their independence for longer.

Deck railings also prevent young children, particularly toddlers, from falling from the deck. Deck railings serve as a handhold in case the bearer of the burden loses their balance and as a place to temporarily rest the load if necessary.

Deck railing regulations are meticulously crafted to ensure that individuals of all backgrounds may use your deck without fear of harm.


As we’ve already seen, the deck railing may be used for many different functions. If you operate a company, the deck railing is perfect for clients to tether their pets before entering. Deck rails provide a comfortable area for guests to lay their bags and beverages as they chat.

The railing provides crucial visual clues for arranging deck furnishings. Your deck’s edges would go unused without a railing since they would seem to be unsafe. With a railing, you’re more likely to place your chairs against the railing, so people will gather more equally over your deck rather than clustering near the building or in the center.

The practical upshot of all this is that more people will be able to use your deck area, whether for personal or commercial use.

Modifiable attractiveness

Deck railing comes in various styles, sizes, colors, and materials. Some clients want their deck railings to gently mirror the design of their deck, while others want a contrasting color and material to highlight the unique qualities of each.

We’ve seen glass deck railings, metal railings, composite railings, and of course, wood railings on wooden decks. Thanks to the wide variety of available alternatives, you may give your deck whatever style or feel you choose. Overall, deck railing is one of the most significant features in aesthetics, functionality, and safety, although it is frequently disregarded.

The letter of the law:

A railing is not required by law if your deck is less than 30 inches high. That said, even if you built your deck just 24 inches from the ground, it is still high enough that an adult may hurt themselves by falling off the deck. The danger becomes even clearer when you include your children and pets in these safety considerations.

The International Residential Code (IRC) typically governs decks connected to single-family detached residences. Guardrails must be at least 36″ tall, measured from the deck surface to the top of the rail, according to the IRC. It should be noted that certain local jurisdictions or states have greater requirements, such as 42″ in California.

Varieties on the railings are OK as long as the inside parts of the rail do not have any gaps big enough to let a 4″ diameter sphere through. There is an exemption for stair guardrails, which allow up to a 6″ diameter sphere through the triangular hole created by the stair riser, stair tread, and bottom rail. Guardrails must be sturdy enough to bear a concentrated 200-pound force anywhere along the rail’s top.

The upshot

Adding a railing to your deck massively increases the safety of your deck space, increasing the safe and usable living space of your home.

Putting up a deck railing might boost your home’s resale value for years to come if you intend on selling your property. In the same way that installing a deck railing makes your rental property more appealing to prospective renters, it also increases the desirability of your home to potential purchasers.

And the deck railing will remain sturdy over the years without any maintenance on your part. A deck with a high-quality railing will survive for many years.

Deck Railing Brands

We sell a large variety of the most excellent deck railing products. We’re thrilled to offer these high-quality brands to fulfill your deck railing needs.

Fortress Railing Products

Fortress has 40 years of experience in the deck railing industry, which shows in its broad range of products and innovations. The company has seven main ranges in cable, steel, aluminum, or glass; each range comes with a 10-year, 15-year, or lifetime limited warranty. Fortress also offers an ADA-compliant, adaptable railing system, so you know it will provide the utmost safety to everyone who visits.


DekPro Manufacturing, Inc., focuses on aluminum railing and balusters, including those with a finish to appear wooden. The company also creates cable railings, post caps, and lighting for your deck’s railing.

DekPro’s goal is to supply goods created, produced, and manufactured in the United States, preserving American jobs by working with cutting-edge factories nationwide and specialized wholesale distributors.

Lumber and Building Materials merchants and Specialty Deck merchants around the country are the primary distributors of DekPro products.


This company provides affordable all-in-one deck railing systems. They manufacture concrete, metal, or wood posts, and their specialty is cable railings. The components of RailFX’s products and systems are as high-quality as may be found in the industry. Because of this, they can provide one of the best warranties available. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all fittings, cable infill, and posts made from Aluminum by RailFX. In addition, damaged products are covered by a RailFX prorated limited labor guarantee for four years. The warranty covers the original purchaser of the home or business in which the items were installed.

Builders Choice Balusters

Balusters are the thinner vertical components that connect the deck’s upper and lower rails and are installed between the deck’s larger pillars. You may also hear spindles or pickets used to refer to deck balusters. Round, square, flat, and even uniquely shaped ornamental balusters are just a few available styles. Balusters for a deck may be crafted from various materials, such as metal, wood, or even glass.

Builders Choice has grown from humble roots to become one of the largest wholesale providers of high-quality building materials. They offer many types of balusters in whatever material you may require.