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Whether you’re a professional contractor or weekend DIY warrior, you know that you can’t build a solid, sturdy structure with shoddy materials. That goes double for outdoor construction projects like fencing, pergolas, and decks where the components will be exposed to the extremes of the changing seasons. The quality of the connections used to join the wood becomes just as important as the wood itself. For more than 30 years, DeckIt has taken pride in supplying our customers with durable deck ties, fence brackets, and other connectors that perform beyond the industry standard. From rafter connectors and truss ties to gate latches and decorative accessories, DeckIt has the top-quality connectors you need to build a structure that stands the test of time.

Our Deck Ties & Fence Brackets/Connectors Collection

DeckIt carries all of the hardware you need to complete your wood construction project. Post-bases, Post-To-Beam Connectors, and Joist & Beam Hangers provide sturdy support. Truss Ties and Rafter Seams help you raise the roof with style and strength. Secure your entry with Gate Hinges and Latches and polish it off with decorative accents, plant and lighting hangers, post bands, and even a wine glass or cellphone holder.

Post Bases

Ornamental Wood Tie (OWT) post bases combine strength and style eliminating the need to cover the post base after installation. Post bases are made with ultra-heavy gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel and powder-coated for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. These versatile post bases come in a variety of styles and can be used for all wood varieties from pressure-treated to cedar.


  • Post to Beam Connectors

    OWT Post to Beam connectors are made for easy installation with their one-of-a-kind ledge and adjustable 2-piece design that allows the connector to be mounted before positioning. Connectors are crafted from heavy gauge galvanized steel and powder coated for the highest corrosion resistance in the industry. These versatile connectors can be used to connect all types of wood from pressure-treated to cedar.
  • Column Cap Hardware

    Column Cap Hardware adds a finished, decorative touch to outdoor structures while supporting the column and distributing the load evenly. The hot dip galvanized steel is strong enough to support up to 12000 pounds, and a powder-coated finish ensures that it has the highest level of corrosion resistance.


  • Joist Hangers

    OWT Joist Hangers are fashioned from galvanized steel and powder-coated for the highest corrosion resistance. The hangers are available in a variety of styles for various projects and they are the only joist hangers that include powder-coated fasteners as well. This attention to detail ensures that rust can’t creep in through unprotected components, undermining your structure’s strength.
  • Beam Hangers

    OWT Beam Hangers are crafted in the same style as the joint hangers and include the same powder-coated corrosion-resistant fasteners. The beam hangers also feature a unique adjustable connection for a snug fit on a type of wood.


OWT Rafter Seams are one-of-a-kind specialty connectors designed to securely connect spans of lumber in an end-to-end fashion allowing for more dramatic and expansive structures.


OWT Truss Fans are specialty plates designed with industry-leading features and attachment techniques to make the installation of pressure-treated lumber faster and easier.


  • Truss Accent Plates

    OWT Truss Accent Plates add a polished look to your truss connections. Attach the appropriate size to the end of your truss plates for a stylish look.
  • Dome/Hex Cap Nuts

    OZCO Cap Nuts are available in a domed or hex style to add a polished look to your indoor or outdoor projects. These versatile fasteners are tamper-resistant for added security and powder-coated for style and corrosion resistance.
  • Decorative Metal Star

    OWT Decorative Metal Stars are available in packs of 10 stars and can be used to add flair to your indoor or outdoor projects. The powder-coated, aluminum accents can withstand the elements for long-lasting beauty.
  • Post Band

    OWT Post Bands are a decorative element that does double-duty as a protective sleeve for your outdoor wood support posts. The powder-coated hot-dipped galvanized steel delivers superior corrosion resistance and, when used outdoors, the band helps prevent moisture damage, or extreme heat from splitting your wood posts.
  • Wine Glass Holder & Wine Bottle Holder

    The OWT Wine Glass & Wine Bottle Holders make your OWT Post Bands even more useful. The Wine Glass Holder offers a safe and convenient place to stow your wine glass while enjoying your outdoor space. The Wine Bottle Holder is designed for holding decorative Wine Bottle lights (not actual wine bottles, sorry). The band fits securely around the neck of wine bottle-style lights giving your outdoor space a dash of creative class.
  • Plant Hanger Hook

    Plant Hanger Hooks attach to your OWT Post Bands, extending roughly 9.5 inches from the post and offering the perfect support for hanging plants or suspending decorative lighting.
  • Towel Hook

    Towel Hooks attach to OWT Post Bands and provide a convenient solution to keeping towels up off the ground. These versatile hooks can be used to hang grill tools or decorative lighting as well.
  • Shackle Ring

    Add Shackle Rings to your OWT Post Bands to create secure attachment points for suspending a hammock between posts.
  • Can, Key, and Cell Phone Holder

    The Can, Keys, & Cell Phone Holder attach to your OWT Post Band and acts as a secure catch-all to hold any small item that you would like to keep stowed up and out of the reach of children or spilled beverages.

Specialty Fasteners

OWT Specialty Fasteners are a line of purpose-built washers, nuts, screws, and bolts engineered for wood construction. A specialized coating allows OWT Timber Screws to penetrate wood without splitting. OWT Timber Bolts are crafted with patent-pending “inside–out” compression technology to eliminate the problem of excess bolt length creating a safety hazard. Domed and Hex Nuts are tamper-resistant for added security, and 6-gauge Heavy Duty Timber Bolt Washers finish it off with added strength.


  • Gate Hinges & Latches

    OWT Gate Hinges & Latches are available in a variety of styles to match your gate’s purpose and style. All gate hardware components are hot-dipped galvanized, powder-coated steel to withstand the elements. OWT Gate Hinges include tamper-resistant OZCO Hammered Dome Cap Nuts for added security.
  • Gate Decorative Accents

    OWT Gate Decorative Accents are crafted from the same corrosion-resistant powder-coated galvanized steel as all OWT hardware. These accents add the finishing touch to your outdoor projects and can be mounted to a solid surface or used as a window through a fence gate or wall.

Buy Deck Ties & Fence Brackets Online in Tulsa, OK

DeckIt carries the full range of top-quality OZCO Ornamental Wood Tie (OWT) hardware to complete your indoor or outdoor wood construction project with metal fasteners and decorative accents that look awesome and work even better. OWT hardware from Post & Beam connectors to truss ties and rafter seams are all crafted from hot-dipped, galvanized steel that is powder-coated for the highest level of corrosion resistance. OWT decorative accents are powder-coated aluminum for a lightweight beauty that is just as rugged as your connections. Each component in the OWT collection is designed to offer superior performance while adding to the overall aesthetic of your wood construction project.

The quality, strength, and durability of your outdoor (and indoor) wood construction projects depend on the integrity of the hardware that you use to bring it all together. That is precisely why DeckIt carries the full range of OZCO OWT hardware: the only brand that goes beyond the standard and takes performance seriously from the rafter seams to the smallest screw. Whether you are installing a new gate or building a grand pergola, DeckIt is your connection to the best hardware, decking, and fencing materials in the industry. Be sure to browse our selection of products, or give us a call at(918)-804-3636.