Rafter Seam – IW

The OWT Rafter Seam Ironwood is a specialty connector that is the first of its kind.  Although it is useful for many types of connections one of the most common is to join rafters for curved top pergolas.  A curved top structure is a real conversation piece but conventional construction techniques have major limitations.  Essentially the largest arc you can make is restricted by the length and width of the lumber you have access to. By adding joints to the rafter you can dramatically increase the arc of the entire rafter and improve the visual appeal.  The OZCO Rafter Seam: a connector that expands the possibilities of your imagination.  When it comes to attaching timbers, posts, joists and beams Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) are the ultimate statement of style and strength. OWT hardware produces strong connections as well as an enhancement to your project design. With a wide range of connectors and components, you can use your imagination to build a project that is uniquely your own. All OWT Wood Ties are made with ultra-heavy gauge steel and hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. The parts are then finished with an exterior grade powder coating for complete protection from corrosion. This makes them suitable for harsh environments and contact with ACQ treated lumber. OWT hardware is commonly used to construct pergolas, arbors, pavilions or decks but with a little imagination, you can build an endless number of projects with OWT. Although OWT is designed to perform in outdoor environments it is equally functional for interior projects. OWT has also been engineered to make installation faster and easier with industry-leading features and attachment techniques. Unlike conventional wood post bases and brackets, OWT does not require extra labor and materials to conceal them, saving time and money.

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