T Tie Plate – LS

OZCO’s Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) 4 in. “T” Tie Plate Laredo Sunset Connectors are manufactured with hot dipped galvanized heavy gauge steel and finished with a black powder coating providing superior corrosion resistance and ultimate strength.  The OWT “T” Tie 4” Plate Connectors offer pre-tapped holes for use with OWT Timber Bolts or OWT Timber Screws increasing versatility with optional added support for maximum holding strength.

OWT “T” Tie 4” Plate Laredo Sunset Connectors are designed for use in roofs, pergolas, and rafting.  Each project might require different sized OWT Timber Bolts to be used in place of or with OWT Timber Screws depending on thickness of materials used and load bearing needs.  Please visit www.ozcobp.com/timber-bolts2.html for our full line-up of OWT Timber Bolts and specifications.  While all of our OWT Building Products are designed for exterior projects they are OWTstanding for interior design, from architecture to furnishings.

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